Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I'm Not A "Christ-Follower"

This has been on my mind for quite some time but I’ve not felt I should "pipe up" until just recently. What, exactly, has prompted me I cannot say. But it’s unshakable now and there will be no approaching the rest of the day until this is done.

Understand, I do Not take issue with folks who call themselves "Christ-Followers." And I believe I understand why our culture is moving from "Christian" to "Christ-Follower." Can there be more noble a goal than to follow Jesus?

The thing is, though, that being a Christian Does mean to follow Jesus. I’ve always known this on some level whether I’ve practiced it or not. A truly committed Christian life is one through which the Light, Life, and Redemption of Jesus Christ does shine. A truly committed Christian will become a disciple of Jesus, which is to follow in His dust, to rest at His feet, to listen when He speaks, to be changed by what He says. Am I living the life of a 100% committed Christian? No, to be honest, but thank God I’m not yet at the end of the road.

"Christ-Followers" are on the same journey. And will have the same issues despite the name change.

There are some super ignorant and downright evil folks out there who give Christianity a bad name. Plus, there’s this modern movement thing that says "change your look or die." Plenty of reasons I could cross over. But I’m gonna stay and do my best to help hold down the fort y’all. The Calvary is already here.

Again, and I truly mean this with all sincerity, I mean no criticism toward anyone who’s going with "Christ-Follower." I know some of you and I know you’re approaching your discipleship with genuine hearts. This is about the reason that I’m sticking.

I wanted to be sure I had this right before writing so I googled "Christ-Follower." The first thing I found was this video:

Funny, I read the (new) King James, carry my Bible in a case with a handle, have (a couple of) bumper stickers on my truck. I read other Christian material. I believe in morality. I need rules and I struggle not to be ruled by that fact. Are these the things by which my Christianity is defined? Nope.

Conversely, is it the absence of these things that defines "Christ-Follower?" If you think 'yes', then I think you're missing something more critical than the point.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this, and thanks for including the video - I wasn't sure about the definition of Christ-follower. -Della L.