Tuesday, September 25, 2012


thank You for deep, unsettling conviction.
thank You for thinking me "grown enough" to figure it out for myself.
thank You for waiting patiently while i dilly dally, for reminding me when i procrastinate.
thank You for making things clear to me when i am too stubborn to submit.
thank You for never leaving me where i'm at and for never failing me ...
... no matter how many times i may fail You.
thank You for loving me that much.

and please, God, help me to remember these words when i start another day. help me to remember them an hour from now, moments from now, when the world and my own stubborn self would have me cast my gaze on other things rather than recognize and be grateful for Your endless Presence in and will for my life. amen.


Rachel Reeves said...

This is so so beautiful. What a prayer of simplicty, yet depth.

Amanda P. said...

thank you, Rachel.

Robert said...

No matter how far astray I wander, He is always there when I turn back to face Him again. Awesome.