Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Is The Loneliest Number

"We are never more than one generation away from apostasy."

I can't seem to determine the precise source of this statement but I'm in a hurry to put this down.  I like to give credit where it's due, but sometimes, perhaps, it's more important to be timely.

I actually considered calling this one, "One is the Timeliest Number."

Anyhow...know what apostasy is? It is, according to, "a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principle, party, cause, etc."

Joshua sent the people of Israel on their way, and each man went to take possession of his own share of the land.  As long as Joshua lived, the people of Israel served the Lord, and even after his death they continued to do so as long as the leaders were alive who had seen for themselves all the great things that the Lord had done for Israel.  The Lord's servant Joshua son of Nun died at the age of a hundred and ten. He was buried in his own part of the land at Timnath Serah in the hill country of Ephraim north of Mount Gaash.  That whole generation also died, and the next generation forgot the Lord and what he had done for Israel. Judges 2:6-10 (GNT)

Never more than one generation...

My congregation* began a new series this morning called Parental Guidance: Raising Up The Next Generation, and I'm stoked.  While it's true that my own kids now have their own kids, and true that what's past is done, there's still a new generation coming up ~ one that needs guidance and good examples ~ one that stands to be a very lonely generation if they don't know the LORD.  There is a new generation and they need us to raise them up.

There was a Whole Lot that resonated with me this morning, but there's one particular point I'd like to share.  Over these few years that I've been involved with my congregation, I've seen a lot of things change.  Some of it was hard for me to accept (cough, "contemporary service", cough, "casual attire", cough, cough), but I've warmed to most elements of our evolution.  I should think it would be hard not to come around when so many new folks - and especially children - are coming around (to church now.)  My pastor gave me a good, little reminder this morning.

The message does not change but it is okay for the method of delivery to change. What's important is that we get the message through to the next generation.

*Crosspoint United Methodist Church
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