Monday, February 8, 2016

Language Arts

photo source:  internet

you know that stupid-a$$ cliche'* meme about always being kind because everybody's fighting some kind of battle?

*(do I sound angry?
i think i sound angry.*)

but don't we all know this by now?

that we should always be kind?
that everybody's dealing with some kind of something?

but then

i want to shake people in the grocery store*:
"do you know what has happened?!"

[(*have i used this line before?)
(nothing under the sun is truly new. Ecc 1:9)]

and then 

i think about all the things i probably don't know about you

and then

about the things i do know

and how i've just lost touch

while i'm dealing with my own kind of whatever.

this has been a hard-a$$ couple of months, and

i'm really grateful for all the people who speak my language, and
who are kind and patient and forgiving when i use words that i shouldn't.

i pray to be as kind to you.

*i'm really not angry ~ not right this second, 
but (obviously) i've had to deal with angry.