Sunday, June 10, 2012


This morning's message was about the intimacy of the relationship we have with God. (Exceptional message!) After Reverend Ausley's 'Bride of Christ 101', he said, "Now, what you have to ask yourself is, 'Do I have that kind of relationship with God?'."

In perfect unison, my husband and I took deep breaths - long, deep inhale, pause at top, long exhale - all as if we were performing a syncronized water ballet.  So then we giggled and bumped each other.  Honey leaned over and said, "and that's WHY He wants [this kind of relationship.]  So that even our breathing is in sync with His."


So then we went to Sunday School and today we talked about what it means to revere God.  As we discussed the means by which we put reverence into practice, I told the above story.

Honey piped up and said, “that’s NOT what I said.”  He explained, “the first thing I said was ‘we are as one’ but when you looked puzzled, I said, ‘that’s why we breathed together, because we’re as one.  We’re in perfect unison.”

It’s the same message. 

Honey said it one way and I understood him, even if in different words - because of the intimacy of our relationship.

And it’s the same message.

Reverence of God means (a lot of things including) that every moment, every action, every breath you take is with Him in mind. “Respect, awe, regarding God as holy” means leading a life in intimate synchronicity with Him.

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